Nail salon 43235, Classy Nails Spa & Sen Brows


Gel Manicure $40
Add French $5
Gel Nail Repair $5 +
Removal Only $10
Gel Polish Change On Hand $30
Gel Polish Change On Toes $35

Please note if you are getting gel, then there is no charge for removal.


Basic Spa Pedicure $40

Delight your feet with our sole-saving treatment. This includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, and callus remover.  Followed by a moisturizing massage. Finished with your choice of polish. (Excludes Gentlemen) 

Signature Spa Pedicure $50

An extension of our Spa Pedicure. This treatment adds a therapeutic,  lower leg & foot massage which gently exfoliates dry skin from the knee down to the heels and exposes radiant and hot towel wrap.  Your choice of polish adds the finishing touch. 

Classy Spa Pedicure $60

The Classy Spa Pedicure is an extension of the Signature Spa Pedicure. After the foot mask with hot towel wrap; an extended lower leg and foot massage which comes with warm, smooth rocks will finish the pedicure. Includes your choice of polish. 

Luxurious Collagen Spa Pedicure $75

Delight your feet and your skin with this NEW Luxurious Collagen Spa Pedicure. This pedicure includes everything in our Classy Spa Pedicure but comes with an amazing 5-step collagen treatment. This treatment boosts your skins health, strength, and longevity. You get to choose from 6 different flavors for your Collagen Spa experience. Comes with a FREE collagen lotion to maintain your skin's softness even after your visit. Your choice of polish for an amazing finish.

Royal Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $90

Pamper your tired feet with the ultimate spa experience. Allow us to care for your overworked legs and feet while you relax and unwind.  This service includes everything that the Classy Spa pedicure entails plus an intensely hydrating paraffin treatment, an extended lower leg and foot massage that includes warm, smooth rocks that gently loosen stiff muscles. A hot towel wraps the final touch of this luxurious experience. Your selection of polish adds a personalized touch. 

Gel Polish Change On Toes $35

Includes nail trimming, shaping and then the natural nails are specially prepared for application of Gel Polish and cured with an UV LED light. A virtually weightless polish. PEDICURE ADD-ONS Gel Polish

Gel X Fullset on Toes $85
Gel X Big Toes ONLY $20


Gel Polish $20
French/White $5
Nail Designs $5 +

* Master Tech Service Additional $2 More

Paraffin Wax Pedicure Treatment $15


Basic Manicure $25

Includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing,  a lotion massage, and finished with your choice of color. 

Gel Manicure $40

A hybrid product that applies like a polish but wears like gel; no chips, lasts longer than regular nail polish, and best of all no need drying time! Provides strong natural nail protection with a shiny finish. 

Paraffin Wax Manicure Treatment $10

A warm wax treatment containing vitamin E, A, and Lanolin. Highly moisturizing for your hands. 

Gel Polish Change On Hands $30
Structure Gel Manicure $65


French/White $5
Nail Designs $5 +


Dipping Overlay $47
Dipping Manicure $57
Dipping Full Set $57
Dipping French Manicure $5 +

Please note if you are getting dip powder again, there is no charge for removal. Additional charge for special shapes & lengths.

Dipping Full Set w/ Manicure $67


Pink & White Solar/Ombre Full Set $65
Pink & White Solar/Ombre Fill Ins $60
Pink Solar Fill Ins $45
Natural Pink Full Set $55
Natural Pink Fill-Ins $45
Gel Full Set $60
Gel Fill-Ins $50
Nail Enhancement Add-Ons
Manicure $10
French/White $5
Designs $5 +
Acrygel Overlay $70
Acrygel Fullset $95
Acrygel Fill In $80


Eyebrow $15
Upper Lip $12 +
Nose $25 +
Ear $25 +
Chin $10 +
Side burns $17 +
Half Arms $45 +
Full Arms $65 +
Under Arms $35 +
Back/Chest $45 +
Full Face $40 +
Brazilian $65 +
Lower Legs $50 +
Upper Legs $55 +
Full Legs $85 +

Process to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face to give your skin a smoother and brighter complexion


Child Manicure $18
Child Pedicure $28
Additional Gel $12
Hand Polish Change Only $9
Toe Polish Change Only $12


Regular Hand Polish Change $15
Regular Feet Polish Change $20
Nail Trim & File On Hand $8
Nail Trim & File On Toes $15
Removal $10+
Repair $5+


Nano Ombre Brows $599

Semi-permanent makeup that creates eyebrows with soft edges for a natural look. Gives definition and depth to the eyebrows.

Pencil Effect Brows $599

Semi-permanent makeup that creates eyebrows with defined and sharp edges for a clear pencil-drawn look. This style results in a clear and precise shape.

Micropigmentation Brows $699

Semi-permanent makeup that creates a bold and defined eyebrow. Eyebrows are created by depositing little dots of pigment giving the eyebrows a full look.

Color Correction $100 +
Laser Removal $500 +


Upper Eyeliner Tattooing $429

Semi-permanent eyeliner on the upper eyelid that makes the eyes brighter and more defined.

Lash Enhancement Liner $429

Semi-permanent eyeliner that is tattooed below the lash line of the upper eyelid. Creates the look of thicker, darker, and fuller lashes without the use of makeup.

Upper Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement Combo $570

When paired together, upper eyeliner tattooing and the lash enhancement liner allow the eyes to appear brighter and creates the look of darker, and fuller lashes without the use of makeup.

Lower Eyeliner Tattooing $429

Semi-permanent eyeliner on the lower eyelid to enhance the eyes.

Winged Eyeliner $100 +

Add a wing to your eyeliner.


Lip Blushing $699

Semi-permanent tattooing procedure that enhances the natural color and shape of your mouth. Pigment is used to line and shade the mouth resulting in a color boost and more pronounced shape.



Touch Ups

Touch-up costs for semi-permanent makeup procedures will vary depending on time between appointments.

We REQUIRE your first touch-up to occur between 4- 6 weeks of your original appointment. - $50

2 months - $50

Up to 6 months - $150

Up to 1 year - $300

More than 1 year - original cost of procedure

Please note, if your original cost was a promotional price, that price is locked in for life.


Eyelash Extensions

Volume Set $180
Classic Set $180
Hybrid Set $150

Fill-In Pricing

To be eligible for fill-in pricing, client must have 50% eyelash retention from previous eyelash set.
2 Weeks $80
3 Weeks $90
4 Weeks $120

Eyelash Tint

Eyelash Tint $60

Temporary treatment in which special dye is applied to the lashes to create darker and more dramatic eyelashes.

Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Lift $80

Temporary treatment to boost and lift the natural eyelashes. Essentially a perm for your lashes, this treatment alters the shape of your natural eyelashes to bring them out to their full potential.

Eyelash Tint And Lift Combo

Eyelash Tint And Lift Combo $130

When paired together, an eyelash tint and lift boosts the natural eyelashes resulting in an intense and bold look and the appearance of fuller and longer lashes.

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